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July 2017

The benefits of outdoor play for kids

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As we all know, outdoor play is an essential for kids of all ages as it provides an exciting sensory experience for children in their early years and as they get older it also helps to develop their gross motor skills and overall fitness levels as they grow.

For children, the opportunity to freedom to shout, jump, run and generally scramble about helps their development and has a positive impact on their overall health. In fact, The Play Strategy for Scotland states: ‘Open space allows children to be physically active and challenge themselves so they sleep and eat well and form healthy habits that will stay with them for life.’

It has also been proven recently that kids who play outside regularly tend to have better distance vision than those who play inside most of the time. Fresh air also plays a major part as it helps promote a healthy body and mind as outdoor play helps to give more clairty in thinking.

In this post we are reviewing 3 of the most popular outdoor play products that we supply and install in play grounds, parks and school play areas in the UK.

One of the most popular pieces of outdoor play equipment is the Pole Climber. The pole climber is made from FSC sourced redwood timber and rope and creates a great way for children to move about using all four limbs to get where they want to go.

The wooden pole climber with rope supports

The wooden pole climber is a must have in the school play area or park

These have proven a great success in both school play areas and parks where children of all ages enjoy the challenge. We recently installed a range of pole climbers at a school in Devon where it is proving very popular.

Next we feature an old classic the parallel bars. Made using wooden uprights and stainless steel bars the parallel bars are an irristable challenge for children of all ages. For more bespoke play area equipment please see here.

Parallel bars for kids outdoor play time

Parallel bars are popular for kids outdoor play time

Generally associated with gymnastics, the parallel bars help kids to develop both strength and balancing skills. We make these parallel bars in a wide range of lengths and heights and will often install a set for younger children and a larger set for older kids.

Finally in this article we review the rolling log that is always a favourite in any children’s play area. The rolling log is simply a round section wooden beam supported by two timber uprights and is generally just a few inches from the ground.

A rooling log installed on safety surfacing

A fun challenge for kids of all ages is the rolling log

Towards the top of the wood posts thereis a guide rope for children to hold on to as they walk along the trolling log. This is a great outdoor pursuit for kids as it engages both their core body muscles and their balance and concentration. To view more wooden play equipment please click here

All of the above beautiful wooden play equipment is installed over safety surfacing which comes in a range of colours, helping to brighten up the play area plus we offer various designs to add interest to the play ground.

Liquid pur coloured safety surfacing

Bright coloured safety surfacing for school play areas

Other forms of safety surface for play areas is bonded rubber mulch which looks great in woodland settings with its a bark effect that gives a rustic feel. Made largely from recycled materials, this safety surfacing is available in a wide range of colours and can be laid in all manner of park and school play areas.

Please call us on 01626 335158 so we can help you plan the design and installation of your next outdoor play project whether it be for a school, a park or anywhere that kids want to have fun ! We are based in the UK and install playground equipment all over the UK at very competitive rates.