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November 2017

Outdoor play area design and installation

Outdoor play area design and installation

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When it comes to children’s play areas there are two real aims that we need to crack each time the first is safety and the second is FUN. Where we are in Devon we have no shortage of accessible green space where kids can run free and explore in their free time with the supervision of their families and friends but for many children outdoor play is not always so easy.

In bigger cities green space comes at a premium so when designing and installing a play area for children the offer of accessible green space in an urban environment is paramount. Kids playgrounds provide an opportunity for stimulating and inclusive play in a closed secure site where children can freely choose their play in a setting which supports their requirements based on age etc.

Outdoor play area design

When we design an outdoor children’s play area we aim to provide the children using the playground with equal access to all of the activities. The idea of the adventure trails that we install is that they are child led and child-centred, this means that play is personally directed by the children so they choose when, how and what they play with which is all part of the play itself and provides great experience in playing with other kids.

A wooden play ramp and net climber on a safety surface

The ramp & net climber provides great active play for kids

This type of experience means that the children have a sense of ownership which then enables them to make choices on which play equipment to use, helps them to develop friendships and most importantly have great fun.

Playground installation considerations

So when it comes down to replacing your playground or outdoor play area or starting from scratch there are many considerations on what will work best which will depend on the space you have available and the age of the children who will use the play equipment. We make this process easy by visiting you and listening to your needs and then advising on what will work best.

Canada Hill Climber 3

Adventure trails encourage stimulating and inclusive play

We can then come up with a plan to work within your playground budget. Our play area designs vary in size and combine a wide range of play equipment including soft play, sensory areas,  climbing frames, tree houses, nest swings and many other activities that encourage clambering and active exercise. All the play equipment that we install is within a safe environment and on safety surfacing helping to minimise the chance of any injury and encourage children to have fun and explore freely.