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February 2018

Wooden pencil school fencing

Pencil fencing for schools and nurseries

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For nurseries and primary schools, pencil fencing is a great way to add some fun and create a colourful solution to securing the boundaries of the play area or playground.

Made from sustainably sourced timber, the pencil fencing is a cost effective solution which can be manufactured and installed in a realistic time frame. Manufactured from machine planed timbers, the pencils are then painted using bright durable colours that add some vibrancy and visual appeal to the play area.

Primary scool with new pencil fencing

Perfect pencil fencing for any outdoor play area for young children

Suitable for install on grass tarmac or safety surfacing, pencil fencing is the ideal solution for kindergartens, nurseries and schools where five and unders attend. Post size and centres depend on the site and the span of the pencil fencing.

Wooden pencil fence for nurseries

Consider pencil fencing for your outdoor play area

Matching leaf gates of any width can also be installed using the same colourful pencil design to complete the bright and fun boundary fence and allow pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Here, one of the schools motto was engraved in to the wooden arch.

When we supply and install the pencil fencing we offer a range of heights to suit your purpose and ensure your outdoor play area is both cheery and secure. Young children love the brightly coloured pencils and relate to them as they play.

Used in conjunction with our safety surfacing this pencil fencing can add great verve to any play area and is perfect for schools and nurseries who need a bit of colour to liven up their play space. Gates, archways and other wooden structures can be introduced to give your playground a little sparkle!

You need some outdoor play equipment – what happens next ?

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We thought it might be helpful to publish a post on how easy it is to get some new outdoor play equipment installed in your school play area or play park. We receive many enquiries both by email and by telephone from schools and other establishments who are looking to replace or renew their play ground equipment. Below, we show you how easy it can be to progress from the initial enquiry  to the completed installation.

Stage 1 – Play area enquiry

Most enquiries are received via the web site in the form of an email or by phone call to our office here in South Devon. We then make every effort to get back in touch by telephone within 48 hours so that we can followup on your play equipment enquiry. During the initial phone call we try to collect as much information about your play requirements, what you might have in the way of play equipment already and what it is that you would like building and installing.

Stage 2 – Playground site visit

Once we have established what type of outdoor play equipment you require for your school or other play area, we arrange a suitable time to make a visit to further discuss your needs and to see the area that you wish to use and survey and measure up. This allows us to better understand your requirements and to visualise the best use of the space available.

Stage 3 – Play area proposal

Once we have listened to your requirements and seen the play area we can then create a detailed proposal. Depending on the scale of the play equipment installation we will often suggest that we come and see you with the proposal so that we can further discuss the features and benefits of the play equipment that we plan to supply and install.

See an example proposal below:

Outdoor play equipment installation

School play area installation proposal


Our proposals include both the technical and financial detail but also illustrations that allow you to clearly see how the new play equipment would look once installed in your play area. The three dimensional artists impressions give clear detail of the materials used and the appearance of the finished product. So you can see the swings, climbing frames, bridges, play houses or play boats and all the wooden play equipment in great detail.

You can see all of these outdoor play products by clicking here.

Outdoor play equipment installation

Outdoor play equipment clearly shown in the proposal for the installation at the school


The play equipment is illustrated exactly how it will appear once it has been installed at your school or park play area. You can get a clear idea of the flow and how the children will play and move from one piece to the next. This helps to contextualise things and helps with a successful installation.

As you can see from these plans that were drawn up for a primary school you can get a real feel for the finished product. The individual pieces of play equipment can be seen, including the clatter bridge, the swinging log steps, the play houses and other detail of the install including the coloured safety surfacing and the fence that encloses it all. When we create a proposal we ensure that all aspects of a succuseful play area are catered for so that it is a total success for both the school and the children.

Play area proposal for schools

Wooden play equipment for schools and parks


Once you have had time to consider the proposal we ask for your feedback and any questions that you may have about the proposed installation. If everything is to your liking and the budget is agreeable then we work together to agree dates for the play equipment installation so that it minimises any disruption.