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March 2018

A woodland lookout for shools & parks

Woodland lookout shelters for schools and parks

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If your school or local park is close to trees or woodland then perhaps installing a woodland lookout shelter is something that might work well in addition to your existing outdoor play equipment.

With nature being something of interest to children of all ages then what better to install than a look out shelter that allows children to view the woodland and its inhabitants.

The children’s lookout shelter can be made to any design and incorporates a pitched roof that allows the rain to drain, lookout windows that provide clear vision of the natural surroundings and bench seating that allow children to sit to sketch what they see, make notes or maybe eat their packed lunches. The entrance to the lookout shelter can be engraved with any manner of decoration including simple outline images and text.

If your play area has nearby trees, bird feeders can be put out to entice birds to inhabit the trees. In addition other wild life including squirrels will also enjoy helping themselves. The woodland shelter provides an ideal solution for children to get outside and experience nature whilst being hidden away from elements and out of sight from woodland birds and animals.

Learning about nature and birds helps younger children to understand their environment and learn about the seasons and the way things change throughout the year. Whatever the age of the children, nature always makes the experience enjoyable for different age groups and as ever, we are committed to putting play at the heart of learning.

If you’re lucky enough to have woods near your school or park then we offer other outdoor equipment that can complement the lookout shelter and allow you to build a conservation area for kids to enjoy including wooden boardwalks, bridges and more.

Our woodland lookout shelters are made to measure and are built using eco-friendly materials to ensure that they nestle in well in your park or play area. All the timber we use comes with a 10 year guarantee and conforms to EN1176 standard, meaning that it is from sustainable sources. The wood is kiln dried European redwood timber which means that lasts well and looks better for longer.

As with all of our outdoor play equipment, we are more than happy to visit your school play area or park to see what your requirements are and to advise on the best way to use the space you have available. We are more than happy to quote for the supply and installation of play equipment including our bespoke woodland outlook shelters.