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April 2018

How childrens play changes as they get older

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As with most things in life the way children want to play changes as they get older and their preferences change. As kids age so do their abilities and the way they think and their physical ability. We offer a wide range of play activities to address these changes and to encourage physical exercise throughout their development.

The phases of children’s play change as they progress through childhood so we aim to offer new and exciting challenges to keep them engaged and active. In the very early days of a child’s development movement is the key focus. This starts when they are infant in the way of reflex movements like when a baby jerks their arms and legs.

Outdoor muscial play for children

At a young age musical play can bring great benefit


As kids develop they become more aware of these movements and want to explore new and exciting things. The benefit of this is the building of a fit and healthy body and the development of motor skills when they play. These motor skills can be broken down to gross motor skills which involve the larger muscle groups including arms, legs and core muscles and fine motor skills which use the smaller muscle groups like fingers and toes. We supply outdoor play equipment that addresses all of these requirements and helps to maintain this naturally evolving development.

Infant play

As infants get older their play tends to become more physical and they want to run, skip, jump and swing and they like to do this with other kids. This physical development is key to their social development as it an important way for kids to make friends, learn new activities and learn how to play within a team and compete. This type of physical play helps them to develop new behavioral skills like sharing, taking turn and learning to follow rules. This in turn leads to more exercise and improvement of their physical fitness.

Imaginative play for children

Imaginative play is key for childrens social and physical development

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Adolescent play

It is at this age when kids need more challenging pursuits to keep them interested and active. Although they might not appreciate the term ‘play’ we tend to refer to activities but the same skills and activity that help them to continue development and help to reduce the stress that can come hand in hand with growing up. it is this adolescent play that lays the important foundations needed for adulthood.

Play space design and installation

To encourage active play it is important that the play space provided is big enough and has the right sort of activities to engage children and to keep them wanting to be active in to their adult lives. Whether it’s a school playground, a community park or other outdoor play space we can advise on the best type of outdoor play equipment, safety surfaces and even fencing that is needed to make it work.

Wooden outdoor play equipment

Wooden outdoor play equipment for children of all ages

Although we are based in Devon we work all over the UK. Our services start with a site survey and consultation when we learn what you are looking for and then can advise on the most suitable type of outdoor play equipment for your play space. We then provide a design service that maps out the play equipment and how it will work in the space that you have. We can then provide you with a quotation and address any questions that you may have. Finally our play equipment installation team carry out the work to very high standards to ensure that you and the children are more than happy with your new play area project.