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June 2018

A new outdoor play area for a Dartmoor primary school

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Bridestowe Primary School is on the edge of Dartmoor here in Devon. We recently completed the installation of a new outdoor play area to give the children some new facilities to enjoy during their play breaks.

Play equipment installed over safety surfacing

Lots to do at this Primary School outdoor play area


The play area at the school is of a good size and has a mix of grass and now some nice new safety surfacing that uses a mix of colours and is made using rubber mulch which provides a very safe surface for kids to play on.

Wooden monkey bars over safet surfacing

Monkey bars are a favourite piece of play equipment


We installed the play equipment which is made predominantly of wood and comes with a 10 year guarantee, conforming to EN1176 standard, meaning that it is from sustainable sources.

The wooden play equipment includes the centre piece pole climber complete with slide which is always a winner with primary school aged children. On the top of the slide tower there is a clear Perspex viewing dome to peer through and a flag pole that encourages more imaginative play. On the side of the tower there is a climbing ramp providing alternative access to the slide.

A suspended clatter bridge

The clatter bridge helps to improve balance and confidence

Wooden play equipment for schools

Once you’ve slid off the slide you move on to the monkey bars which are great for improving kids upper body strength and overall coordination.

Once the monkey bars have been conquered the trail goes on to the clatter bridge which is suspended so helps to improve balance skills when you cross it.

Climbing ramp with rope net return

The Climbing ramp with rope net return provides a challenge and somewhere to hide !


Next up is the ramp and net which also combines a den underneath giving a small space for kids to hide when playing. Climbing grips assist the climb up the wooden ramp and then there is the rope net on the other side taking you back down to ground level.

Finally the zig zag beams are great training for improving your balance as you get to the end of the trail. If you are looking for play equipment for your local park or school then we would love to come and see what space you have and help plan the best play area possible. We’re happy to provide you with quotations and visual representationd of how the new play installation would look like.