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February 2019

Holywell School playhouse den

A wooden play house for Holywell School in North Devon

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Most children love to have a den to play in where they can retreat and have their own space. Whether it’s up a tree, in the garden or anywhere, dens are cool.

We got a call from Holywell primary school who wanted something different to the usual outdoor play equipment and also had some wooded land within the school grounds where they wanted to encourage the kids to play.

So we visited the school in North Devon to view their play facilities and to see the woodland space then returned to base to get our thinking caps on. Before long, we and came up with some ideas for a wooden playhouse which could be nestled in to the wooded area along with some other play equipment such as a traditional slide or a climbing ramp.

Wooden playhouse den at local schoolAs with all quotes for the installation of new play equipment, we prepared a visual of the proposed den design and how it would look in situ and had a follow-up meeting with the school to see what they thought about the wooden play house design.

It wasn’t long before we got the go ahead to build and install the new play equipment complete with den. We used FSC pressure treated redwood timber to create the play house and the supporting structure. The front of the den is clad with cedar shingles and has two look out port holes that allow the kids to look out from the den.

With both a pull up rope and a climbing ramp to gain access to the den there are a number of ways to get in then when its time to leave, the slide provides a speedy return to the ground. The finished den fits in to the wooded area nicely and provides some shelter from the sun or rain for the children when they play.

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