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March 2019

Play areas for holiday homes

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Here at Outdoorplay UK we get requests for new play areas from all sorts of sectors including parks, schools and nurseries, sports clubs, camp sites and holiday homes here in in the South West.

At the end of last year we were approached by the operators of the holiday cottages in Devon who were looking to provide more in the way of outdoor play equipment for their visitors. With an abundance of land that borders Dartmoor National Park we went to see what scope there was for their new outdoor play area.

Holiday cottages play area in DevonSpring is on its way now and the play area installation is complete, with lots of new challenges for the children who visit this season. The main attraction is the twin tower play house which is installed over safety surfacing and includes a number of play features including a traditional slide, a swing bridge and a wooden climbing ramp.

The play towers encourage imaginative play for children and can be made to any size to suit the space you have available. Popular in school playgrounds, the play towers also come in themed designs such as play boats and play planes.

A traditional wooden swing in the play areaIn addition to the twin towers, a traditional double flat swing was installed, again over rubber safety flooring. Most of the play equipment we provide is made from responsibly sourced pressure treated timber and comes with our 20 year guarantee.

Also requested was the ever popular pole climber, which again can be designed and built to any size to fit within the play space you have available. Installed over safety surfacing, the pole climbers encourage children to climb and scramble from one pole to another while keeping off the ground.

A wooden pole climberThe assorted wooden spars are arranged at various angles and rope guides are overhead to help with balance and stability. Kids can spend hours playing on pole climbers and the benefit to their core muscles is enormous as they climb, swing and scramble from pole to pole.

With South Devon being such a popular holiday destination more holiday parks and homes are upgrading their play equipment to offer more outdoor play opportunity for their guests.

If you are interested in installing some new play equipment at your premises we would love to come and see what space you have and provide you with a competitive quote to build , supply and install. Whether you’re a fun park, holiday park or any other leisure facility we can provide your commercial playground equipment.