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April 2019

Outdoor play UK buys a new truck

All aboard the play truck !

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With the team busy installing play equipment we thought it was time to nip out and buy a new truck to help us transport the play equipment to schools and parks.

The new Outdoor Play truck allows us to carry out more playground installations. It comes with a good-sized flat bed with hinged sides to carry the timber we use to build the play units and climbing frames and a nice lockable tool box to keep our tools dry and secure.

Emblazoned without company logo and themed art work it’s off to work we go to the next job where we’re installing swings and slides at a holiday park in Devon.

Timber play equipment of safety surfacing

Play equipment refurbishment

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We were called by a Devon school to ask if we were able to refurbish some of their outdoor play equipment while recycling as much as possible. In addition to the refurbishment we also made a new climbing trail and laid new bonded rubber mulch safety surface around the play equipment.

The finished product as you can see is a great array of wooden climbing frame, rope walks, climbing ramps and a traditional slide that provide plenty for the children to do at break times.

The best play equipment for children involves a diverse set of physical challenges that allows the kids to practice balancing skills and promote upper body strength while problem solving how to get from A to B without touching the ground.

Impact protection using safety surfacing

To ensure all play areas are safe for children to play we lay a safety surface beneath to protect the kids should they slip of fall. In this case a bonded rubber mulch surface was applied that gives a soft textured feel that promotes grip but also cushions the fall on impact.

Safe and robust safety surface solutions ensure fun can be had while minimising the risk of injury to users of the play equipment. Bonded safety surfacing is also environmentally friendly as it is made using recycled tyres that are shredded to look like wood bark chippings. These rubber shreds are then bonded together using a polyurethane resin that retains a soft feel once it has dried.

If you are looking to replace or install new play equipment please call us for a favourable quote and professional service.

Playground equipment repairs including safety surfacing

Playground equipment repairs

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As the name suggests, our core business is the installation of outdoor play equipment and most of this is carried out at schools, parks and play areas at hotels and holiday parks.

Virtually all of our play equipment comes with a 20 year warranty which ensures that you the customer gets quality play equipment that lasts and lasts.

We do however get calls now and then asking whether we can carry out repairs to existing kit that was installed previously by another company and of course the answer is generally yes.

Safety is paramount with all children’s play. So our main focus is ensuring that all apects of a playground are safe and suitable for kids to roam without coming to any harm.

Safety Surface Repairs

Our full repair and maintenance service includes both play equipment and safety surfacing to a standard that will satisfy your annual ROSPA inspection.

This service generally starts with a site visit to allow us to inspect all aspects of the apparatus. We then supply you with a report that includes recommendations for all equipment. We are able to make repairs to play equipment made from timber, rope, steel or plastic. In addition, all safety surface types can also be repaired or replaced to ensure utmost safety for the children.