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April 2020

A young girl on s play swing outdoors

Spring time and Outdoor Play

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As Spring marches on and the weather improves we all want to be spending more time outside especially children. For obvious reasons this year is the exception in that we are restricted in where we can go and what we can do. However this will pass and we will soon be free to enjoy the benefits of outdoor play.

So what are the key benefits of outdoor play for children ?

Ipads, tablets, television and gaming are the norm for children these days so they can end up spending far more time indoors than previous generations. There are many studies that show that this shift of behavior has some fairly negative impacts on children’s health and development. The same research also pointed out the benefits of outdoor play:


Playing outside brings numerous health benefits which are associated with having more space in which to play which in turn means that they are more active which helps with the building of fitness levels and strengthening of bones and muscles. This more active outdoor play also allows kids to burn off more calories which helps to stave off obesity. Sunshine also has major health benefits providing our bodies with essential vitamin D which we all need.

Social Skills

The increase in available space when playing outdoors generally means a less crowded environment. This makes it less intimidating for a child and allows them to come out of their shells and be more social. When children play together they benefit in so many ways including making new friends and talking more which develops interactive skills away from adults.


Outdoor play helps children to develop their learning abilities. Give them some play equipment and they realise that learning is not simply a classroom thing and can be fun.

Our range of activity panels is a good example of how this can work.

Well being

Outdoor play comes with freedom which in turn helps them to feel happier and calmer. It is known that vitamin D improves moods and happiness which in turn assists with having a positive mental attitude. Outdoor play combined with exercise also helps kids to burn built up energy especially for those children who can get fidgety when they’re sitting in a class environment for long periods. When these children get to burn up some of this excess energy then they can return to a classroom environment with better focus and concentration.


Being outside helps to stimulate imagination as the array of play objects provide inspiration and creativity. Our range of outdoor play products are made predominantly from wood to provide more of a natural experience for children offering them a more natural environment that is beneficial in many ways.

In the UK we have a reasonable climate that allows a good deal of scope for outdoor play. So encouraging a young child to try the slide for the first time or move on to some more challenging adventure trails brings a wealth of benefit as you can see. Outdoor play equipment helps kids to develop confidence and stretch their boundaries making them stronger both mentally and physically. Playing outside helps them to develop skills without adult interference by trying new things and gaining confidence as they go.