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May 2020

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Summer 2020 for Outdoor Play

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Summer 2020 for Outdoor Play

What a start to the year we keep on saying. It seems like our world has been turned upside down but there are now some positive signs of things returning to some sort of ‘normal’. Many folk are talking of the new normal because we’re unlikely to see all things quite as they were for a few months to come with social distancing playing a key part in the recovery of our nation. So our outdoor shelters are proving popular to take the strain away and prevent crowded classrooms.

Here at Outdoor Play UK we’re making the most of things and our play equipment designers continue to work coming up with new designs for play equipment for children of all ages and there are some fun looking pieces taking shape. With schools mainly closed and play areas empty it is in many ways a good time to consider installing new outdoor play equipment. With most children at home the playing fields and playgrounds are empty. This means that our installation teams can make real progress installing anything form our popular play towers and climbing frames as well as swing sets and safety surfacing.

One group of outdoor play products that is getting a lot of attraction is the range of outdoor classrooms and shelters which come in various sizes and allow children to study in well ventilated spacious wooden areas while promoting social distancing.

Outdoor shelters and classrooms

The Dartmouth gazebo is a large octagonal building with open sides. This allows lots of natural light to flood while the providing a full dose of fresh air. Built entirely from sustainable timber, the Dartmouth Gazebo can be made to fit the space you have available and with having 8 sides there is a lot of scope for seating while keeping safe distancing in place. Wooden bench seating is used along the walls and when larger units are designed additional seats can be included in the centre while still observing the 2 meter rule. There are a few options with this outdoor classroom which include waterproof blinds, so if you did encounter the odd rain shower then the blind can provide some protection to keep the place dry.

Other bespoke outdoor class room designs are on offer and they all promote large open spaces with plenty of ventilation. Ideal for field studies and nature play centres these wooden units are made to measure but can be used as extensions to the traditional class rooms to allow more school children to be taught without compromising distancing rules.

So why not consider new forms of outdoor shelter to ease things when your school, academy or nursery returns allowing you to cater for more children without imposing any risks. All of our outdoor shelters and classrooms are built using sustainable materials including FSC pressure treated redwood timber this shelter is guaranteed for 20 years.

With our workshop back in production we’re ready to make and install outdoor play equipment for your school, nursery or academy. Why not get in touch so that we can help you plan your new outdoor play facilities.