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October 2020

Assorted play equipment installed in a play area

The BIG Exmouth adventre trail

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During the summer we were contacted by a local school in Exmouth Devon who wanted to make better use of their play area and install some new outdoor play equipment. Following a chat and a visit to the site we created a series of drawings and a 3d model of the way we planned to use the play area and install the Fingle Woods Climber and Adventure Trail.

A zig zag play equipment in stalled at a playgroundOur handmade adventure trails are bespoke and designed with great care to make the most of the space available in each play area. Because they are modular, our adventure trails can be designed to fit and range from small school playground trails to bigger more adventurous trails in parks where more space is available.

A swing bridge and climbing ramp at a play areaSo when we got the call from Exmouth we were excited to see just how much play equipment we could deploy to keep the kids happy. Because of the abundance of space, this particular adventure trail has multiple access points to hop on the trail and is packed with fun features including adorable woodland creature engravings.

Childrens wooden play towers in playgroundEndless play equipment in one trail

Outdoor play products used in this adventure trail include a classic wooden play tower with roof, a wooden play ramp with climbing holds, a suspended rope walk, a clatter bridge, an inclined weaver, a zig zag balance beam and more.

Assorted play equipment installed in a play areaAt the other end of the trail, there is fun to be had on the swinging log steps, the net walk connects a climbing ramp with another tower. To exit the tower a fireman’s pole can be used or there are climbing notches to get back to earth. There are a couple of hiding areas below the play towers each with a clear dome to keep an eye on things.

Play equipment on safety surfacingAll of the wooden play equipment is guaranteed for 20 years and is made from responsibly sourced timbers that offer a safe play environment.

Wooden play equipment installed outdoors at a schoolOnce the play equipment was installed, the entire play area was covered in a bonded rubber mulch safety surfacing which prevents injuries from falls while giving a rustic feel and is made from recycled materials making it environmentally friendly.

Wooden play equipment for childrenWith plenty of scope for a wide range of ages, this adventure trail has it all and has proven to be a huge success keeping the children happy and busy while they enjoy the fresh Devon air.

An adventure trail built in a play area

If you are looking to expand or update your outdoor play equipment or are considering installing an adventure trail they why not give us a call so that we can arrange to visit your school, play area or holiday park and provide you with a competitive quote and 3d proposal.

FREE site visit complete with FREE 3D Proposal

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Here at Outdoorplay UK, we are offer FREE site visits to look at your play equipment requirements and the space that you have available. But now, we are also offerring FREE 3D Proposals ! Following the visit we will then provide you with a FREE 3D Proposal that will show how your new play equipment will look once it has been installed.

A 3d image of proposed play equipment

Our in house designers create amazing visuals that help convey a realistic vision of what your play equipment will look like in your play area. The visuals include views from all angles plus a plan view looking down on the play equipment to give you a true impression of what the finished project will look like.

A visual impression of our play equipment installed in your play area

Here at Outdoor Play UK we love to receive positive feedback about our designs and it’s nice to see the finished product progress from being a concept into the real thing.

To book in your FREE site visit and FREE 3D Proposal today, call us on 01803 814523 or drop us an email on