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January 2021

An outdoor play boat in a play park

Our new play boat HMS Ipplepen sails in

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When it comes to outdoor play most children like a play boat in which to explore their imagination. When we got a call from the local childrens play park asking if we could design and install a play boat we leapt at the chance of using our new design.

Having already launched HMS Bounty and HMS Blackpool, HMS Ipplepen was now going to become the latest addition to the fleet. Built using play grade redwood timber from FSC certified forests, the new design play boat comes with a bow sprite, waves lapping the bow, seating, clear port holes for keeping an eye out for pirates and a covered aft deck where the captain and crew can shelter in high seas.

HMS Ipplepen play boat installed in alocal outdoor play park

HMS Ipplepen play boat installed in a local play area

Imaginative play is so important for the development of children’s and what better way to encourage playground fun than to provide large pieces of play equipment such as boats, planes or tractors. Once you have fueled a child’s imagination they will happily play and explore the limitless opportunities while inspiring social and dramatic interaction and play. See more of our imaginative play products here

Imaginative play equipment

Ideal for play parks, school playgrounds and holiday park play areas, play boats and other imaginative play equipment will provide hours of fun. One minute the boat is a pirate vessel allowing swashbuckling adventurers to rule the waves, the next its exploring the high seas looking for land and bounty. All it needs is a captain to helm the boat and crew to bring it back to harbour.

Play of this sort encourages role playing amongst the kids, they can embark on a voyage of exploration while developing their social and emotional skills and getting some physical exercise and fresh air as they play.

Made from durable smooth to touch sustainable timbers our playboats will last well and provide years of safe, fun play. Like all of our play equipment, our range of playboats come with our 20 year guarantee and will keep large numbers of children happy, active and engaged for a long time !