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July 2021

Wooden shelters for outdoor learning in school field

Outdoor play and learning shelters

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Over the last few months, many customers have come to us with requests for shelters ready for the summer months.

A wooden outdoor learnng shelter for childrenOutdoor learning is increasing popular with schools and nurseries as folk see the benefits it can bring to students development and overall health. Children of all ages can benefit from outdoor learning which can take many forms ranging from informal lessons in wooden shelters or outside classrooms through to trips away which combine adventure and education.

Inside the outdoor classroom for kidsAs the Institute outdoor learning institute put it, ‘Purposeful experiences in the outdoors can be a catalyst for powerful and memorable learning’ regardles of childrens age.

We offer a wide range of wooden shelters which are ideal for childrens play and learning. All of our shelters can be made bespoke to suit your needs such as adding tables, whiteboards/chalkboards, bench seating, leather roofs and bespoke sizes.

An open fronted wooden shelter for childrens schoolHere Above we have a bespoke half shelter with chalkboards and our Dartmouth Gazebo. They are great for outdoor learning, nature play and much more! All of our products are made using play grade red wood laminated timbers that come with a 20 year guarantee and provide a strong, durable and attractive finish which are friendly to children and the environment.

We offer a range of different seating types from bench seating to sets that can be set apart should you need to distance children. Aftercare and maintenance of shelters is equally  important for the long-term success as the design and installation of the shelter but with our durable materials this is kept to an absolute minimum.

Suitable for mostContact us today to get a quote for your own shelter!