Activity Panels & Springies

Here’s some funky fun to brighten up your play area. Ideal for nursery, primary school or play centre our range of brightly coloured challenging activity panels help to get those cogs moving and provide bags of fun for younger children.

All springies are made from durable materials that will withstand the British weather and are guaranteed for 5 years.

A star light play panel

Starlight Mirror

The starlight mirror adds a skynight theme to your play area. With its bold colours this  play panel comes with an orange peel texture finish.

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A bug eyed play panel

Bug Eyed Chameleon

A brightly coloured green chameleon with huge mesmorising eyes fascinating children as they stare in to the domed mirrors.

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A submarine shaped play panel

Blue Submarine

This blue underwater submarine comes complete with a mirrored dome that reflects that funny face giving a nautical theme to your play area.

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A tile slide playground game

Tile Slide Butterfly

Try your hand at sliding the tiles to form the beautiful butterfly image. This bright yellow activity panel adds colour and vibrancy while providing a challenge for the more determined children.

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A tangle spinner playground game

Tangle Activity Panel

Spin the wheel to reveal your next move. A variation on the game twister, this activity panel needs coloured surfacing graphics to work which are not included but can be seen in our surfacing section

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A butterfly activity play panel

Sparkling Butterfly

Possibly the most beautiful play panel, this simple yet stunning design mingles 4 coloured panels each with a contrasting frame. With the sun behind them they cast the enchanting colours on to the ground.

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A solar exporer play panel

Solar Explorer

This planet themed play panel challenges children and incorporates many moving parts in the form of rotating plantets & sliding explorer discs allowing you to line up your  next destination in space travel.

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A snake shaped play panel for play areas

Alphabet Snake

This wall mounted play panel brings some snaky fun to learning the alphabet. Its vibrant yellow and red colours list the letters of the alphabet from head to tail helping with passive learning.

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A puppy maze play panel for playgrounds

Puppy Maze

All children love a pooch and this puppy maze play panel provides lots of fun as children move the puppy paw print sliding disc to navigate around the maze to get from the start to the finish.

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A piano shaped play panel for childrens play

PlayTronic Piano

This musical play panel encourages hand-eye coordination and rhythm while generating tunes as you go. Providing fun interaction it houses a durable waterproof speaker and runs off batteries.

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Noughts and crosses activity panel

Noughts & Crosses

A classic & timeless favourite allows children to play noughts & crosses in the playgound. Constructed using durable materials each of the 9 boxes can be flipped to reveal a 0 or a X.

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Farmyard word search activity panel

Farmyard Word Search

An educational word search play panel that gets kids practicing their spelling while searching for new animal words from the letters available. Suitable for mounting on the wall or posts.

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A four in a row childrens play panel

Four In A Row

This classic 4 in a row game involves 48 movable sliding discs that can be slid around the panel to win the 4 in a row challenge. All parts are integral and cannot be lost

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A chalk board activity panel for kids


An outdoor blackboard complete with chalks and cleaning cloth. This chalkboard allows children to have fun drawing during break time. A handy artists shelf is below to store the chalk

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A guitar shaped play panel

PlayTronic Lead Guitar

Have fun making music with this guitar play panel that has touch sensitive keys to produce a range of musical notes. Improve hand eye coordination as well as rhythm and musicality.

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A clockwork activity panel for kids

Clockwork Play Panel

With lots of moving parts the clockwork play panel engages children who can rotate the hours and minutes discs to watch time advance. The mechanical cogs turn the hands as the discs rotate.

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A buzz reactions activity panel for kids

Buzz Reactions Game

This electronic game panel combines auditory and sensory learning. Voice commands name a shape or colour & the player touches the corresponding sensor to score. The game speeds up as you play !

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A pinball themed play panel

Pinball Play Panel

Everyone loves pinball, complete with sprung firing pin and scoreboard this play panel has a shatter-proof window to allow children to see the pinball ricochet off the obstacles and win points.

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An airlock play panel for children

Airlock Play Panel

With lots of moving cogs this mechanical play panel emulates an airtight hatch as you would find on a boat. Turning the central wheel either direction enguages the cogs making a great sound

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A bongo drum play panel for children

Bongo Drum Play Panel

Three brightly coloured bongo drums each with its own note. Children love the drums and these bongos give off a distinctive fun sound when struck with the hands.

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A childrens height play panel

How Tall Are You Panel

Fun and educational, this how tall are you play panel is themed as a dragon and can be mounted on a wall or posts. It provides measurements in centimetres up to 180 cm or almost 6ft.

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An aeroplane shaped play springy

Aeroplane Springy

A wacky races style blue airplane sets the scene for this springy complete with seat and handles for hands and a foot bar for the feet.

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A stegosaurus play rocker for kids

Stegosaurus Rocker

Kids love dinosaurs and this Stegosaurus is no exception with his cheeky smile and bright eyes. A fun springy that will brighten up any playground.

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A balance spring maze for playgrounds

Spring Balance Maze

A maze springy where you tilt the top to move the stainless ball bearing around the challenging maze which is covered in the clear plastic dome.

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A snail shaped play panel for play areas

Sydney Snail Springy

Sit on the seat and rock to and fro and side to side aiding development of balance and coordination. Complete with safety hand holds and footrests.

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A plank springy for kids

Plank Springy

Mounted on twin springs the plank springy uses button grip tread to help children grip helping with balance and core muscle strength.

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A octopus shaped play springy

Olivia Octopus Seesaw

A twin springed seesaw with a marine theme. This seesaw will accommodate children either side of the octopus. Suitable for up to 4 children.

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A caterpillar shaped play springy

Cecil Caterpillar Springy

Sit on Cecil the caterpillar & seat and rock to and fro and side to side aiding development of balance and coordination. Complete with safety hand holds and footrests.

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A bee shaped springy for playgrounds

Betty Bee Springy

Enjoy rocking about on Betty the Bee springy. built around a strong coil spring with a 5 year guarantee, this springy is brightly coloured to add to the break time playground fun.

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A parrot shaped springy for playgrounds

Parrot Spring Seesaw

This springy see-saw takes up to four children and allows both a springy action and a see saw all in one. Complete with slip resistant seats and grab handles there’s fun for everyone.

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A cow shaped play springy

Moo Cow Rocker Springy

A traditional sit in springy rocker with a moo cow theme with Safety hand hold and foot rest.

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A ladybird shaped play springy

Lilly Ladybird Rocker

A traditional sit in springy rocker with a ladybug theme with Safety hand hold and foot rest.

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A dumper truck springy

Dumper Spring Rocker

A traditional sit in springy rocker with a dump truck theme with Safety hand hold and foot rest.

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A curved sit on springy

Curve Sit-On Rocker

A sit-on rocker complete with a slip-resistant seat, safety hand holds and footrests. This rocker aids development of balance and coordination.

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A surf board play springy

Surf Rider Springy

Mounted on dual springs the surf rider has slip resistant tread inserts to give a good grip when play surfing. It is reinforced underneath with steel rails.

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