Mini Pole Climbing Frame


Midi-Pole-Climbing-frame playground-Midi-Pole-Climber

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Midi Pole Climber

The Midi Pole Climber encourages imaginative play as well as active play, and helps develop children’s balance and co-ordination. For younger children, encourage risk taking by building confidence while traversing along the timber stacks. Crawl, climb and balance, a fun way to increase a child’s fitness but also keeping lower to the ground to minimise falls.

Features Include:
Features Include:
• Net ropes
• Timber stack
Play Activities Include:
• Active Play
• Social Play
• Imaginative Play
• Balancing
• Climbing
• Traversing
Critical Fall Height (m): 0.6
Height (m): 1.4
Length (m): 5.2
Width (m): 5.3
Age Range: 2+
SKU: OP07-005