Pole Climbers for Play Areas

Designed for the more adventurous, our range of pole climbing frames provide a challenging climbing environment for children to tackle. Testing a child’s upper body strength, the wooden pole climbers require strength, agility and tenacity to reach the top.

A high pole climbing frame

High Pole Climbing Frame

For older children, the high pole climbing frame is more challenging with longer, taller poles and higher places to climb. Encouraging crawling, climbing and balancing, a fun way to increase a child’s fitness and confidence.

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Small wooden playground climber

Low Pole Climbing Frame

For younger children, the low pole climbing frame encourages risk taking by building confidence while traversing along the timber stacks. Crawl, climb and balance, a fun way to increase a child’s fitness while minimising falls.

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Wooden climbing frame with slide

Pole Climbing Frame With Slide

A stunning centre piece for any childrens playground, the pole climbing frame with slide combines all the fun of crawling, climbing and balancing while traversing along the timber stacks to reach the slide platform.

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