Terms and Conditions

Download a copy of our Terms and Conditions 2022

  1. About us

Outdoor Play Devon Ltd is registered in England and Wales company number 09951785. Our registered office is Unit 2b, Crosspark, Dainton Elms Cross, Marldon Road, Ipplepen, Newton, Abbot, Devon, TQ12 5TY.


Once a quote is given this will be valid for 30 days from the date of quote and after this time expires, prices will need to be confirmed and if necessary amended to reflect any price increase.

  1. Pricing

When an order has been placed you will receive a full written copy detailing all pricing and description of the product or products ordered. In the event of any price increases that we shall incur prior to order confirmation, this shall be payable by the customer

  1. Delivery

For delivery only products we will confirm within 7 days a mutual day and time for delivery. In an event of unforeseencircumstances by yourselves we will need to be contacted as soon as possible.

  1. Security

Outdoor Play Devon Ltd will accept responsibility for the protection of the equipment and materials for the duration of the period of the works unless otherwise stated. Site works will be protected by plastic barrier fencing throughout the installation. Outdoor Play Ltd have not included for the provision of hereas type fencing, if this is required an extra cost will be incurred.

  1. Facilities and Ground

Our quote is based on our original site visit and if circumstances have changed when we arrive on site to do the Installation works this could incur additional costs. On commencement of work, if asbestos is found on site, all associated costs for removal or any delays suffered will be chargeable to the customer.

  1. Aborted Works

Outdoor Play Devon Ltd require 72 hours notice in the event of change in the schedule of works and reserve the right to charge for an aborted commencement of works. This will be charged at £500 plus 20% VAT if the cancellation falls within the 72 hour period. If the employees of Outdoor Play Devon Ltd have physically arrived on site to commence work and are unable to commence work for reasons beyond our control, which we should have been advised about, there will a daily charge of £850 plus 20% VAT until works can be started.

  1. Planning Permission

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that planning permission has been obtained by any local authority required and Outdoor Play Devon Ltd will under no circumstances accept any liability for failure to comply with local authority rules.

9. Guarantee

Our timber equipment is guaranteed for a period of 15 years from completion of work date, this is made up of 1 year parts and labour and 14 years of parts only.
Rubber safety surfacing is guaranteed for 5 years from the completion of work date, this is made up of 1 year parts and labour and 4 years parts only.
Ropes are guaranteed for 2 years from the completion of work date, this is made up of 1 year parts and labour and 1 year parts only.
Plastics are guaranteed for 5 years from the completion of work date, this is made up of 1 year parts and labour and 4 years parts.
Swings are guaranteed for 5 years from the completion of work date, this is made up of 1 year parts and labour and 4 years parts.

Playground markings both Epoxy and Thermoplastic will be assessed for suitability in each case this is due to the condition of the surface that the material will be applied to. Our guarantee does not apply if the product has been reinstalled from its original location and if in the case that the product has been re-sold or has been modified or repaired by any other than the manufacturer. Our guarantee does not cover, abuse and vandalism of equipment, fire damage, lack of supervision, chemical damage, dis-colourisation, subsidence, floods, lack of maintenance, warping, shakes, air cracks and other normal timber characteristics. Our timber is installed to a 5mm tolerance. Guarantees are only valid once full payment is made, works are completed and a completion certificate has been signed, dated and returned to Outdoor Play Devon Ltd.

  1. Safety Surface

If Outdoor Play Devon Ltd are providing a top safety surface it is the customers responsibility to make sure that the sub base is to the required specification relevant to the top surface being laid. There will be additional costs if this hasn’t been carried out prior to our commencement of work. Where Outdoor Play Devon Ltd is installing a complete safety surface we will make sure that the depth of surface is compliant with the equipment being installed. It is the customers duty to check. weekly that the safety surface is at the required level for fall height of the equipment where bark, sand or similar loose surface is being used and must topped up accordingly.

  1. Drainage and Utilities

It is the customers responsibility to ensure good drainage to any site. We cannot be held responsible for any drainage issues, loss or damage caused by this.

  1. Copyright and Infringement of Patents

Outdoor Play Devon Ltd will under no circumstances be held responsible in any way regarding any copyrights of design or any patents that may infringe on any legal matters both now and in the future. It is the duty of the customer to indemnify us against all costs and damages incurred as a result of the above.

  1. Unforeseen Circumstances

If for any reason we have to cancel scheduled works due to goods not arriving from our suppliers, we reserve the right to reschedule works without incurring costs from yourselves for missed deadlines. We will always communicate if we have any problems prior to commencement.

  1. Payment

We reserve the right to ask for a 50% deposit if required which will be due upon receipt. All balance payments will be due upon receipt and any late payment will incur a late payment charge of 5% daily until the invoice is paid in full.