Complete Trim Trails

These combined trim trails have perfect activities to encourage children’s play outside. Our complete trails provide good exercise and help the development of strength and coordination. With a wide range of challenges these unique trim trails combine active play with hours of outdoor fun.

OP12-001 Acorn Trail Render 1

Acorn Trim Trail

With a range of physical challenges for children, the Acorn Trim Trail is ideal to motivate the kids to exercise outside. Complete the challenge by clambering from one end to the other.

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OP12-002 Squirrel Trail Render 1

Squirrel Trim Trail

Promoting high levels of fitness, social and active play, the L-shaped Squirrel Trim Trail is hugely popular with children. Use the trapeze rings, ladder walls and climbing nets to traverse the trail.

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OP12-004 Ninja Warror Trail - Trail One Render 1

Trail One: Ninja Warrior

The awesome Trail One combines our Ninja Warrior Trail, Adventure Trim Trail items plus 6 wetpour half spheres. Test your balance, jump, climb and traverse over the obstacles to get to the other side.

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Mini Balancing Trail

Designed with little ones in mind and combining a mini balance beam, mini zig zag , mini vine walk and connecting flowers stepping pods, encourage active play

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Cedar Trail

Coming Soon !