Complete Trim Trails

These combined trim trails have perfect activities to encourage children’s play outside. Our complete trails provide good exercise and helps the development of strength and coordination. With a wide range of challenges these unique trim trails combine active play with hours of outdoor fun.

Acorn Trim Trail

With a range of physical challenges for children, the Acorn Trim Trail is ideal to motivate the kids to exercise outside. Complete the challenge by clambering from one end to the other.

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Squirrel Trim Trail

Use the hand grips, the foot holds, slides and ladders traverse the trail to the end. Trim trails are hugely popular with children and promote high levels of fitness and activity.

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A trim trail for school paygrounds showing wooden play equipment

Cedar Trim Trail

Navigate your way over bridges, rope walks, climbing nets, slides and more to get to the other end. Balance, core muscles strength and determination are all required to complete the trail successfully.

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