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Inclusive play with wheelchair friendly sand pits

It’s great to see that many local councils are now making more effort to provide for those with disabilities at their local play areas. Inclusive play as it is often referred to is more of a hot topic and as a result many play areas are being adapted to ensure that the play equipment includes a selection if not all that can be used by those with disabilities and that includes wheelchairs.

A wheelchair friendly sand pit

Inclusive play catering for children with disabilities

When designing inclusive play areas for children there are many considerations more to consider than just access into a space. Here at Outdoor Play UK we are working on a number of pieces of play equipment that will cater inclusive play areas. One of the more popular items that we are in the process of making is the wheelchair accessible sand pit complete with covers.

Inclusive play with wheelchair friendly instruments

Inclusive play with wheelchair friendly instruments


Providing play activities that engage all is vital. The easy access sand pit is designed to allow a children’s wheelchair to pull up at the sand pit so that the sand and associated toys are easily within reach. This means that the wheelchair arm pads will need to fit under the lowest part of the sand pit to ensure easy access to the fun. Musical play is another engaging and popular part on inclusive play equipment.

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