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Outdoor Play equipment for Holiday Parks

By August 29, 2018Uncategorized

Devon is as everyone knows a very popular holiday destination for families, with the lure of sandy beaches the moors and our infamous cream teas you can understand why. Many families choose to stay at one of the many holiday parks here in Devon and take advantage of all the on-site facilities including the vast range of outdoor play equipment which many of the holiday parks have.

When we install outdoor play equipment at schools we generally cater for primary school children however when we install at holiday parks we supply bespoke play equipment that is suitable for children of a a bigger age range to make sure there is something for all ages. We also tailor the bespoke play equipment to make sure that it is in keeping with the surrounding natural features and that it caters for kids of all ages and ability.

Prett pencil fencing for play areas

Pretty pencil fencing for play areas always goes down well with younger children

The play equipment for the younger children tends to include activities that cater for the most basic of challenges including the key experiences of swinging, rocking, sliding and general clambering around. More often than not the play areas for younger children are supervised by parents but they like to have playground fencing included to keep the kids safe. Safety surfacing is also a must to reduce the risk of injury so we often introduce colours and sometimes games such as hop scotch or letters and numbers in to the safety surfacing.

This wooden pirates play boat proves popular

Wooden play equipment including play boats are popular

Wooden outdoor play equipment is always popular and this can include adventurous play and imagintive play such as this pirate play boat.

For the slightly older children we introduce opportunities for children to take more risk through climbing, balancing and negotiating movable rope walks. See our range of adventure trails here which can combine many types of play opportunity. All of this more adventurous play helps to encourage multi users which is good for interaction where they can mix and play freely as well as actively encouraging social development.

Often when we install at holiday parks the mix includes a section for imaginative and explorative play which can take many forms. In addition there may be a separate quieter area where musical play can be enjoyed. Our range of tubular bells, chimes, drums such as the congas and xylophones all of which offers cognitive, emotional and physical play opportunities for everyone.

Musical play for younger children

Xlophones, drums and chimes are great for young children

So if you are looking for outdoor play equipent for holiday parks then give us a call and we will be very happy to visit your location to see the play space that you have and discuss the options you have available to make the holiday park play experience a true success for children of all ages.

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