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Outdoor Play & Learning for Primary School Children

Schools are experiencing changes in the way they are able to work and play and as a result of social distancing restrictions more lessons are being held outside in the fresh air. Many schools have been in contact with us at Outdoor Play UK asking for ideas to help them make better use of their outdoor space in a safe and productive way.

Meadow bench seating for outside learning

Wooden becnh seating for school play areas

In the previous post we looked at outdoor shelters and classrooms and now we are exploring open sided structures such as the gazebo below and less formal settings such as bench seating in natural meadow settings where children can learn about all things natural as well as benefit from social and emotional skills in the great outdoors.

Playing and learning outside are a great way to help children of all ages to appreciate and respect nature which is going to play an increasingly important role in their lifetimes with increasing environmental awareness. Outdoor learning helps children to understand the interdependence of humans, plants and animals. Another key benefit of outdoor learning is active movement which allows many children to focus more with faster cognitive processing which promotes better memory retention. In short, learning and playing outside works well and is ideal during the current circumstances.

Wooden planters provide outdoor learning focus

Large wooden planters for school play areasPlanters are ideal for younger children and are a useful way of softening play areas such as playgrounds. If your school is in an urban setting, planters can be used to add wildlife in to the play area while introducing an educational theme. Whether for flowers and pollinators or for vegetables and edibles, planters provide educational fun for children as well as offering a hands on lesson when it comes to caring for the plants.

Our quality wooden planters can be made to fit your play area and are made exclusively from timber from sustainable sources. Made from glued laminated timbers these planters can be made to any length, width and height to suit your play space and are guaranteed for 20 years.

Open sided shelters provide cover from sun and shine

An open sided Dartmouth gazebo shelter with wooden deckingWith distancing measures with us for some time it is essential that your outdoor seating arrangements are both compliant and comfortable for your outdoor learning activities. All of our outdoor seating is made from natural timber. We offer individual seating such as our storytime seating for the younger children or larger bench units that allow suitable separation between children.

If you are considering adapting your play area to accommodate the social distancing restrictions or are thinking of adding an outdoor learning area, then why not contact us to discuss the option you have for enjoying the great outdoors.

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