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For nurseries and primary schools, pencil fencing is a great way to add some fun and create a colourful solution to securing the boundaries of the play area or playground.

Made from sustainably sourced timber, the pencil fencing is a cost effective solution which can be manufactured and installed in a realistic time frame. Manufactured from machine planed timbers, the pencils are then painted using bright durable colours that add some vibrancy and visual appeal to the play area.

Primary scool with new pencil fencing

Perfect pencil fencing for any outdoor play area for young children

Suitable for install on grass tarmac or safety surfacing, pencil fencing is the ideal solution for kindergartens, nurseries and schools where five and unders attend. Post size and centres depend on the site and the span of the pencil fencing.

Wooden pencil fence for nurseries

Consider pencil fencing for your outdoor play area

Matching leaf gates of any width can also be installed using the same colourful pencil design to complete the bright and fun boundary fence and allow pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Here, one of the schools motto was engraved in to the wooden arch.

When we supply and install the pencil fencing we offer a range of heights to suit your purpose and ensure your outdoor play area is both cheery and secure. Young children love the brightly coloured pencils and relate to them as they play.

Used in conjunction with our safety surfacing this pencil fencing can add great verve to any play area and is perfect for schools and nurseries who need a bit of colour to liven up their play space. Gates, archways and other wooden structures can be introduced to give your playground a little sparkle!

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