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This week we completed the installation of a double sided zig zag climbing wall for a learning centre in West Sussex.

Traversing walls otherwise known as climbing walls are popular pieces of outdoor play equipment right across the age span from infants through to adult. Whether free standing and double sided or a single sided span, climbing walls encourage active play and provoke critical thought as children work out the best way to move from hold to hold.

A zig zag climbing wall installed over safety surfacingTraversing walls add a new dimension to an outdoor play area and are often used in imaginative play as children conjure up scenarios that require escape or rescue. The wooden walls have strategically placed molded plastic hand grips that provide support as you climb the length of the wall. The spacing of the holds is key to a successful and challenging climbing wall. If they’re too close then the wall can be too easy, spaced too far and the wall can become non passable. Our plans factor in the age and ability of the users of the play equipment.

With older children, more challenging traversing walls can provide part of physical education lessons as they promote development of core strength, balance and agility. Good upper body strength particularly in the hands, arms and shoulders is also required to complete some of the more arduous walls.

Not only are our climbing walls functional but they can also incorporate designs to fit in with your play area to ensure that they look good also. Design and function will ensure the success of the new wall at your school, park or play area.

Wooden traversing wall for childrens outdoor play timeMade using sustainably sourced timber with a guarantee for 20 years our traversing walls can be designed and installed at your play area. Our range of safety surfacing compliments the climbing walls well providing a safe soft surface below the wall to cope with the odd tumble ensuring that all outdoor play remains safe and fun for children of all ages.

Safety surfacing for climbing walls comes in many forms which can both look good and perform well. Wet pour surfacing provides good protection against falls and knocks. It also comes in a range of fantastic colours so can become part of the overall design for your new traversing wall.

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