Nature Play

Nature play is fun for children and offers physical, mental and social well-being benefits as well as opportunities to understand and become interested in nature.

Sensory  Outdoor Classroom

Enjoy the benefits of being outside with the sensory outdoor classroom. Support the learning and development of children in a natural environment.

Built with durable natural materials, this outdoor classroom includes an open sided shelter with decking, ground level and raised planters and seating for kids to enjoy as well as an amazing sensory experience.

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Sandpits have always been a favourite for young children. If you can’t get to the beach then the school play area can be transformed to provide that textural fun. All sandpits come with 2 protective HDPE thermoplastic lids and strong timber beams.

1.35 metres x 0.73 metres

1.35 metres x 1.35 metres

1.35 metres x 1.93 metres

2.5 metres x 1.35 metres

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Inclusive Raised Sandpits

Raised sandpits are designed to allow easy access for standing children and wheelchair users allowing inclusive play for all.

Our sandpits come with covers so when not in use the sand can be kept clean ready for the next play time. They come in sizes from a single panel to four or more to suit your play space and are surrounded by strong timber beams.

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Water Tray With Twin Chutes

Watch the water do its thing as it progresses down the chutes in to the tray.

Dimensions: 2.3m x 2.95m / 1m Height


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Double Water Tray With Triple Chutes

A succession of water shoots that move the water from the first to the lower tray.

Dimensions: 3.8m x 4.7m / 1m high


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Triple Water Tray With Four Chutes

The most complex of our water play tray and chute designs with a total of 4 chutes and three trays that gravity feed each other.

Dimensions: 4.05m x 6.15m 1m High


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Water Wall

Watch the water as it cascades majestically down the channels and waterfalls  from the top to the bottom of this mesmurising water wall.

These water walls can be made to measure and erected in most types of outdoor play area in park or school play grounds.

Dimensions: 1.5m Wide  0.2m Deep  1.3m High


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Mud Kitchen

Made from chunky Laminated Timbers this free standing Mud Kitchen has a bowl and hob with black knobs. It has a storage shelf underneath and a top shelf.

Dimensions: 1.3m Long 0.7m Wide 1.05m Deep


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Quality planters made from glue laminated timbers can be made in any width or height to suit your area and why not personalise it with our bespoke engraving service.

Whether for flowers and pollinators or for vegetables and edibles, planters provide educational fun for children.

Dimensions: 2.0m Wide 2.0m Deep 0.66 High


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Playground wooden dragonfly Playground wooden dragonfly


Made with our red wood laminated timbers and beautifully engraved to create a bespoke dragonfly design.  Great as an addition to any play space.  This product is ground mounted.

Dimensions: 2.0m Wide 2.0m Long 0.66 Deep


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