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Wetpour safety surfacing combines rubber granules with flexible binders to create a durable bound surface that offers protection against injuries that could occur from a trip or fall. The extensive range of colours available enables bold and vibrant finishes to be created that often include bespoke graphics, allowing the surface to complement the overall design and add themeing to the play space. This makes an exciting and imaginative surface for children’s playgrounds.

– Safety surfaces may require to be laid at various depths depending upon the CFH of the equipment it is installed beneath.
– Wetpour safety surface can be laid onto a variety of sub-bases. The most common of these being type 1 MOT stone, tarmac or concrete.

Features Include:
Features Include:
• Choice of colours
• Themed designs
• Fully porous & fast draining
• Wheelchair and pram safe
• Resistant to ignition & abrasion
• Non-slip surface
• Traverse ropes
• Ideal for tarmac & concrete surfaces
Common Uses Include:
•Play area safety surfacing
• Pathways and trackways
• Sport and games areas
Certified to EN1177